This is perhaps the most important part of the publishing process. A book could be fantastic, with a pleasant layout and an eye-catching cover, but most people won’t take the time to read it if they run into several grammatical errors in the first chapter.

Proofreading should come after everything else in the book is completed. We will not change the content except to fix typos, incorrect punctuation, grammatical errors, and accuracy of information (for example, if you have a character incorrectly attributing a quote to the wrong President).

DPC charges $30/hour for our proofreading services, but we are happy to give quotes and to work within your budget. To get a free quote, just send the total word count of your manuscript, along with a small sample (for books, send a chapter; for short stories or other documents, send about 10% of the material).

We are happy to work with good, old-fashioned red pen on paper, although we prefer to use the “Track Changes” feature on Microsoft Word.
IMPORTANT: Before sending us your manuscript, please contact us to make sure of our availability.

For paper editing: Send along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Denning Print Company, PO Box 511, Langlois, OR 97450.
For digital editing: Email your manuscript to